“An art collection is a reflection of one’s personality, a statement of who that person is.”



Commissioning an original oil painting from David Parker Fine Art Studios

First, it must be noted that approximately half of all paintings David Parker creates annually are commissioned works.  He enjoys the process and the interaction with his collectors.

A commissioned work allows the individual collector to become involved in the actual creative process. As an artist, and an art collector himself, Parker understands the personal nature of each individual’s art collection.

“An art collection is a reflection of one’s personality, a statement of who that person is.”

When taking on a commission, Parker’s objective is to create a masterwork that is tailored to the specific desires of the collector.  Due to the personal nature of an art collection, he believes in allowing the collector to express a personal statement through the commission process.


Parker’s work is metaphorical.  His subjects and titles are theme oriented and are intended to convey a positive message, i.e. Life Appreciation, Perseverance, Joy, Friendship, Love, Achievement, Patriotism, Loyalty, Freedom, Pride, etc.

Traditionally, collectors interested in commissioning a painting from David’s studio do so because they wish to make a bold colorful statement.  His subjects, style, and palette are distinctive.  It also must be noted that David Parker’s original paintings are extremely rare and highly collectable.

The Process

When commissioning a painting from David Parker, often the collector has a particular wall space in their home or office that they wish to specifically install a Parker original, as well as make a specific statement.

Things begin with a discussion.  It is important that the collector gets to know the artist and vice versa.  David Parker is renowned for being open, easy going, and an impressive communicator, as well as an astute listener.  Usually, the collector is already familiar with the artist’s work and scope, and has selected several past efforts that they have been impressed by.  From there, things become more detailed. Potential themes are discussed.  The existing conditions, décor, and the personal tastes of the collector are all important.  The size of the piece must be decided.  Here, Parker is extremely knowledgeable concerning the appropriate aspect ratios for aesthetically pleasing compositions, as well as the necessary wall space needed to surround the installation.

Once the preliminary discussions are completed, the artist composes a series of graphite sketches based on the discussions, along with suggested titles.  The collector then decides on the composition that most suites their preferences.

Cost of a Commissioned Work

The price of a commissioned original oil painting from Parker’s studio is based on the same formula valuing of all of Parker’s original oils: $10 per square inch for signed original oil paintings. Width X Height X 10

Framing and shipping are separate expenses determined by the circumstances.

Terms and Conditions for the commission process are standard business practices

They are as follows:

Once a collector has selected a composition from a sketch they would like painted, a one third deposit is requested.

Parker builds his painting, stacking color on color, so as the work is progressing, images of the development are sent.

When the painting is completed an e-mail of the painting on the easel will be sent.  On approval of the finished image, a second one-third payment is due, along with shipping and framing costs if applicable.

The final one-third payment is due upon the painting’s delivery.

Guarantee: If, for any reason, a collector is not completely satisfied with the finished original painting, a full refund, less shipping costs, will be made as soon as the work has been returned.

Commissioning an original oil painting from David Parker is a fun and interesting process.  It allows you as the collector to acquire an original work of art from an internationally renowned painter, while being involve in the creative process.  Knowing the artist, understanding how he works, and being able to influence the painting’s intended message add to the work’s intrinsic value.

If you are interested in further information on the commissioning process, please do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a discussion with the artist. (See Contact)

Below are some visual examples of the commission process, as well as some examples of recent installations

“Moon River” Commission

Sketch Concept

Revised Sketch

Finished Painting


Recent Installations


Denver Colorado

Laguna California