Framing Web Page


Framing is the all important link between the art and the surrounding environment.  The existing decor, and the personal taste of the collector are key considerations.  At Parker Fine Art Studios we work hard to insure every aspect of an installation is done correctly.  When required, we happily take an active role in helping to make sure the framing is both appropriate for the art and the placement environment.  Being David Parker’s originals and prints are of museum quality, traditionally his works are framed with custom finished corner museum quality frames.  However, there are literally infinite framing possibilities, and our team takes care to help our collectors make the right selection, and will guide you through this important aspect of the completion process.  David Parker takes pride in his artistic creations and he believes the framing of his work must be done correctly, efficiently, and economically.  We are here to help make the right presentation.


For detailed information on framing a specific piece of David Parker’s work, please contact us.